VSH17 Solar Scope Cover

Our full scope cover protects a telescope left outdoors from heat buildup during the day and from the buildup of dew at night. It is very useful at star parties and for temporary scope protection in your backyard. If you leave your scope set up in your garage between observing sessions, or in a permanent observatory, it also keeps your scope dust free and protected from windborne

Our solar scope cover material is strong, durable reinforcing fiber with double sliver-coating which  reflects away the sun’s energy to keep your scope cooler in the daytime. It is waterproof to keep condensation from building up on your scope at night.

Size:100mm * 75mm  for D100mm OTA, tube length 800mm

Size: 150 * 80mm for D250mm OTA, tube length 1200mm

Updated on July 21, 2017